Keeping the learning process fresh and fun is essential, especially when preparing for a holiday break or a Friday afternoon. Adding a variety of creative ideas into your lessons can help boost the energy and motivation of your students. Even those not interested in the content area can benefit from this type of teaching.

It’s also fun for teachers, allowing them to return to their core teaching principles. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep up with the demands of state testing. Teachers must take advantage of these times to re-ignite their passion for teaching.

Learning should be fun; kids will remember it if they love it. Here are some strategies that will help you provide a memorable learning experience.

Give Them a Choice

Most kids don’t have many choices in their daily routines. Having them have the power to choose can help them become more engaged and make them more likely to buy into what’s happening next. One of the most effective ways to encourage kids to make decisions is by letting them pick the activities that will be included in their lessons. This can help them develop their decision-making skills and make learning more fun.

Utilize Games and Gamification

Adding games to your lessons can provide instant engagement and make learning more fun. They can help students develop decision-making skills, memorization drills, and review time. Games don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, as thousands of them are online.

Head Outside

Outdoor activities can transform the learning environment for kids. They can help them develop their decision-making skills and make learning more fun. You can also do various activities, such as reading aloud or taking a nature walk.

Let Them Move

Getting kids moving is also essential, as it can help them develop their concentration and overall health. Try having them throw paper basketballs into the recycle bin after they get a correct answer. You can also encourage them to jump jack while you practice multiplication facts.

Give Breaks

Every day, we need to take breaks. Brain breaks are a great way to keep students engaged and motivated. Some of my favorite activities include a rainforest visualization and butterfly breathing. You can also try searching YouTube for guided brain breaks that meet the needs of your students.