Cathryn Ilani Cancer In Us

For all of our differences, one of the most terrifying and humbling similarities we all share is the fact that we are all susceptible to cancer. Every year countless patients around the globe die from various forms of cancer, and countless more are diagnosed. Cancer means a long battle and hard days ahead for you and your family. It can mean chemotherapy, experimental treatments, and a world of anxiety, uncertainty, and pain.

It does not, however, have to mean a death sentence. Early detection is key. That’s why you’ll want to make sure to have regular checkups, especially once you hit middle age. The following are among the most common types of cancer in the US.

Breast Cancer

Among women, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, and easily the most terrifying. As many as 268,600 women in America each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. There is an existential aura that surrounds breast cancer, as for far too long, diagnoses come too late. 

Thankfully, screening is now easier and more accurate and effective than ever before. Starting at age 40, you should get a mammogram every year. 

Prostate Cancer

Whereas women should always make sure to receive regular screenings to check for warning signs of breast cancer, men should do the same for prostate cancer. Nearly 167,00 American men are diagnosed with this condition each year. Most men should start getting checked by their doctor around age 50, while patients who are at a higher risk should talk with their doctor about potentially being examined around age 40 to 45.

Skin Cancer

Nearly 95,500 Americans each year are diagnosed with skin cancer. When caught early on, most types of cancer are highly treatable, and that’s definitely the case with skin cancer, so you’ll want to be sure to look out for moles or any other suspicious-looking marks on your skin. If you are unsure, contact your doctor or dermatologist, especially if you have been subject to a great deal of sun exposure recently.

Lung Cancer

More than 228,000 Americans each year are stricken with lung cancer. Smoking is a known risk factor for this type of cancer, adding one more reason to quit.

Get the medical help you need as we continue to fight to end cancer.