Needing water is as universal a need as there is, not just among human beings but all living beings. There is a reason that we refer to water as one of the building blocks of life. From the biggest elephants to the tiniest microorganisms to human beings themselves, every living thing on Earth requires water in one fashion or another. What’s more, if you are involved in athletics in any way or have even just seen a Gatorade commercial or two, you know how important it is to stay hydrated. Thankfully, clean water is more affordable and accessible today than ever before.

But too much of a good thing can backfire, even when it comes to something so basic and vital as drinking water. Could you be drinking too much water, and how much is the “right” amount of water to drink, anyway?

Too Much Water

While it may sound contrary to intuition and everything you’ve ever been told about water, you can actually drink too much water, and that can be a problem. For one thing, when you drink an excess of water, it will probably all go for naught. The more you drink, the faster you’ll simply urinate it all out, which in turn prevents you from retaining the nutrients that you want to keep in your body. If your urine has started to turn clear, you’re probably drinking too much.

Drinking the Right Amount

So, should you start cutting back on the amount of Aquafina you consume?

Maybe not. Unless you’re drinking water to the point you’re urinating every half-hour so, the big takeaway isn’t so much how much water you drink so much as how you drink it. Chugging water in short spurts isn’t going to give you the kind of consistent hydration you need, and will only send you to the bathroom sooner rather than later. Instead, drinking a bit of water throughout the day, and drinking a bit more while engaging in physical activity can keep you better hydrated.

Like everything else in life, the best way to consume water is with moderation in mind.